Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Contest!

I got at new contest starting today, (May 22) that goes until Sunday, May 30th)    The contest is for 10 (Ten)  KiFreegame codes.   Now these codes may or may not be good, sometimes they are 7 day mounts, sometime just about 400-1000 gold (Depending on how good I do on the game) or sometimes like level adept gear.    To enter, just comment and say "I want to enter" or something like that.   I am also posting this on facebook and my blog, so if you enter on here, you might wanna enter on my website and facebook also cause then you would get entered 3 times instead of 1.   

Links to my website and facebook. 

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Friday, May 20, 2011

New Wizzies! >:)

Hello Blogspot =P

I made 3 new wizzies lately.   They are the schools of  Life, Fire and Ice.   And all have the names related to Justin Moonhaven.    Like my Life is Justin Lighthaven, the Fire is Justin Starhaven and the Ice is named Justin Frosthaven.   If anyone wants to help me out by becomes quest buddies or just help me out in general, you can email me at comment on this post, comment on my youtube channel OR on my facebook.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Welcome to my blog  ^-^
    I started playing wizard101 in October of 2010 when I saw a commercial that said, "come to wizard101, and enter my web of darkness" It had something about battling Morganthe and saving celestia.
My favorite thing to do on wizard101 is dueling big and unique looking creatures. And also hanging out with friends.
When I started playing wizard 101, I thought it was one of the usual failed mmo's, but I was totally wrong. Everyone who played there with me said that this game is awesome and isn't a failed mmo like I thought it would be.   Everything I do on wizard101 will be tracked on this blog.    This blog is mostly just to expand from just my youtube channel.   So, this is just my first post to start off my new blog for Godwiz13!